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Current Activity (winter 2021/2022)

  • Prototyping MROC3
  • In test use San Rafael Swell (Utah) in the spring of 2022
  • Product availability to follow

What is MROC3?

  • Two-wheeled ruggedized overland camping trailer 
  • Designed to be a more flexible and cost effective camping experience
  • Easily removable kitchen for dual use in truck beds, 4Runner rear, etc.
  • Inside area for gear storage and/or for one adult (6') or two children to fully stretch out
  • Articulating trailer hitch
  • Electric brakes
  • 31" tires and axle-less trailer suspension for high clearance

    • Combine with a recommended hard-shell roof top tent for sleeping up to 5
    • Customer configurable for unique demands and level of finish
    • Solar installation on top of hard-shell tent


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